A Little Hotel in Cornwall (Books 1-8)

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This charming eight-book series is a lovely, meandering, heart-tugging look at life, at dreams, and the things you just know, in your heart, to be true and essential – to your self, your soul and your calling – and the path that just may unfold to reveal all, if you’re prepared to let it.

For Maisie Clark,a raven-haired twenty-six year-old wannabe-author, life has narrowed to the pursuit of one over-arching dream, following the planned-out route she must take, if she is to have any success as a writer at all.

Following the mysterious and elusive Alastair Davies, a cherished author and Maisie’s coveted mentor-to-be to a hotel in beautiful atmospheric Cornwall, Maisie embarks on a stealth mission in pursuit of her craft and her ultimate goal, a published novel.

As we follow Maisie through a year in Cornwall, spanning the seasons, the celebrations, the learnings and the yearnings, this charming series provides an up-close-and-personal look at dreams and desires – and the tangled choices we make in singleminded pursuit of what feels like our destiny.

But what if there was more than one key to happiness?

Would we know which keys to choose, and which to leave untested?

Would we recognize our true destination when we find it?

With the unexpectedly-looming love, loss, and grief, and the inevitable misunderstandings that come with closely-held secrets, Maisie’s journey is moving, engaging and somewhat frustrating as she straddles a new world with much to teach her, if she can find a way to open her heart to listen.

Rich with the opulent and gothic atmosphere only a historic hotel in Cornwall can provide – a setting which aligns interestingly with Maisie’s own gothic authoring – and brimming with endearing characterizations, twists and turns, and a long and windingly-puzzling mystery that the reader may or may not get to the bottom of un-aided , this wonderful series is a joy to read – a charming and thoughtful look at self-discovery, and the love and support, at the end of it all, that makes the journey joyful.

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A great big thank you to the author and the publisher for an ARC of Book 1 to 8 of this heartwarming series. All thoughts presented are my own.


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