Between the Moon and My Mind

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Emerald green and gold, silver and blue, the reddest red of roses – the colors in these gentle lovely poems speak the language of love, of healing, of stars and fairies and summer gardens, “with green grass dancing, flowing like waves on a hill.”

An ethereal weaver of stories, the author combines the sweetness of fairy tales with emotive and visual imagery so gorgeous in their simple beauty that “soul touching soul” becomes seamless, leaving soft and uplifting traces that remain long after you’re done reading.

Rich with kindness and compassion, the author’s spirit infuses her work, taking the reader with her on a journey to a world that may be momentarily laced by pain and sorrow, but is nonetheless a world bounded by eternal beauty, peace, and learning.

Many of the poems resonated with me much more deeply than others, and I found my favorites tended to be the most simple. Here are some lovely extracts from a few that touched me :

(Crack in my heart)

“That’s me.
A chipped pot,
a fragile rose.
I spread my mended wings and pray,
that some day you’ll see
the crack in my heart,
the light in my soul,
and stay”

(Burning the disguise)

“Feel a ray of sunshine on your skin,
love and painful honesty
burning away the disguise.”

(Miracles of life)

“Breathe in, breathe out,
wake up and see the truth:
peace and happiness is a precious seed,
it was planted in your soul from the start”

A gift from the author to the reader, this is a book to be treasured, and savored, – letting its quiet vignettes of hope, self-discovery, butterflies and blackbirds, fairy tales, angels, oak trees and roses – and most of all, primal wisdom in the cycles of nature and time – seep into your pores to calm and comfort you.

A great big thank you to the author for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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