Christmas Miracles at Hedgehog Hollow

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The final book in a much-loved series, this lovely Christmas edition follows Sam, her husband Josh, and the entire crowd of family, friends (furry included!) that have come to represent familiar and cherished friends for many readers (including this one).

As we follow Sam (now thirty-two years old and the proprietress of the fully functioning Hedgehog Hollow Animal Rescue Center), from the early days through to the culmination of her pregnancy, there is, as we have come to expect, a lot happening in her life and those that intersect it.

Softly layered with real people, with real lives, who worry about each other, pick up pots of paint, care for wounded animals, and rush in without hesitation to help each other celebrate or handle unexpected grief, and the big events in their lives, all of which are infinitely improved by the sharing.

Without giving the plot away (no spoilers here), Sam’s journey as it unfolds here will include preparations for Christmas and a charity fair, a number of joyful and unexpected events (and a couple of painful ones), as well as an extended visit with Fizz – Sam’s veterinary helper – who provides her own POV-based chapters, intermingling with Sam’s, where she reveals a terrible and hidden trauma from her past, as she embarks on a path of healing (and learns the key to the mending of her broken heart).

A lovely finish to a tender series, as we say goodbye to Sam and her literary world, it’s safe to say there will be more from this author – if not directly on these wonderful characters, then certainly on an intersecting and tantalizing off-shoot.

A great big thank you to the author, the publisher, and @rararesouces blog tour for an ARC of this book. All thoughts provided are my own.


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  1. Jessica Redland

    Thanks so much for joining the blog tour for Christmas Miracles at Hedgehog Hollow and for sharing your thoughts. Delighted you’ve enjoyed the series and this final instalment. Definitely lots more to come including a few more glimpses into the world of Hedgehog Hollow, albeit outside of the series 🙂

    1. Terri

      Can’t wait! Thanks so much for a really lovely read, and a fantastic series!❤️

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