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Who do we fall in love with, and why? A question no-one can really answer, least of all our two main protagonists, whose life stories criss-cross time and generations in this poignant and compelling story.

Netta Wilde, a fifty-one year old divorced mother of two, has recently purchased a house well below market value. The purchase, however, comes with several interesting and mysterious conditions attached. The previous owner, now deceased, was the popular, outgoing and somewhat eccentric ninety-something-year-old Edith Pinsent – a never-married and well-loved neighbor on the quiet street now home to Netta’s current beau, Frank.

Edith, a voracious journal keeper, has stipulated that the successful new owner of her former home must agree to take on her little dog, Maude, as well as one of her puppies, Betty. In addition, all of Edie’s personal things, in-place exactly as she left them, must be cleaned out, and the boxes and stacks of her accumulated diaries read in the process.

So begins Netta’s wondrous journey to unpack the innermost secrets, life and loves of Edie Pinsent, – a twining, touching story crossing decades, that not only winds its way into Netta’s heart, but, as gently and unassumingly as her new dog, Maud, buries its soft and furry head deep into her very soul.

As the laborious process unwinds, Netta comes to discover that Edie’s life, once filled with joy and life and hope, is not immune, at the end of the day, to grief, shame and painful regret. Which is not, when you come right down to it, a life that different from the world Netta now recognizes she has found herself in, her own unfinished business laying a claim as long unrecognized as it is now unavoidable.

A fascinating and heartfelt look at the interplay of innermost lives held close, what we crave and who we cannot help but unreservedly love, and our deepest need to be seen, felt and understood – in a world stripped bare of shame and pretense.

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A great big thank you to the author and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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