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In this charming picture book (ages six to nine), enter the magical world of Evelyn, a sweet little girl who is fascinated with the night sky and the planets, stars and constellations. Every evening after dinner, in her backyard, often accompanied by her lovely father, Evelyn learns about the natural world, her animal friends, and all the wonders that science and knowledge can provide her. But it takes a very special lady, mysteriously self-identified as the “Maiden of the Light”, who appears to Evelyn one clear and perfect night, to introduce her to the power of her imagination.

Gently and oh so sweetly, this story welcomes children into the marvel of their own minds, and the immensity of the worlds they can create (and improve with practice) any time they want – by simply closing their eyes, feeling the silence, and allowing themselves to drift away and imagine.

As we learn from the marvelous Maiden, imagination can be harnessed to picture new worlds and possible new life options, to visualize the achievement of goals on a path to realize them, or purely for the purpose of having fun. And what fun! Evelyn’s world (as a free- flying bird, a firefly of the night, a gatherer of stars) is forever changed as she learns to let her imagination soar – freeing a mind space that is bigger, brighter and wide enough for each and every new reader friend who joins her.

Highly recommended to help ignite little imaginations everywhere – this charming book will be equally irresistible to parents and adult imagineers.

A great big thank you to the author and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.

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