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Last Prince of Alkebulahn

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What a hoot! A crazy cool ride through the fantastical world of Joshua N’Gon, a fifteen-year-old boy-man with mysterious princely origins, whose strange and wonderful powers hint at an epic purpose and mission yet to be realized.

A wonderful mash up of Sci-fi (think the unbridled tech zaniness of Dr Who), ancient African tribal history, Jamaican Rasta, gravity-defying extreme sports, robot warriors, man-machine hybrids, and diabolical hi-tech alien superhero villainry, – when you put it all together, Josh’s world is unlike anything I have encountered in a book before, and the effect is downright mesmerizing.

Josh is a wonderful and authentic teen protagonist – infused with a strange mix of both the arrogance of youth and a charming naïveté; loyal and loving to his family and friends; all bundled with a fresh-faced wise-guy daredevilry that can’t wait to surface with his buddies and school chums.

Mysteriously gifted at ten years old with a pulsating tribal cuff which he has labeled RCT (Really Cool Technology), Josh’s growth to his teen years has been punctuated by an increasing number of new and amazing technological talents that are as unexplainable as they are wonderful.

  • Like the digital “bees” that buzz around his head, picking up vast quantities of “sticky” digital information infusing his mind with a 360 degree perspective across boundaries of time and space in any situation warranting extra attention.
  • or Josh’s rare but disturbing strange sleepwalking episodes, which involve lapses in memory and now have channeled into a new ability to purposively direct his consciousness outside his body into another.

“Suddenly he was free of his body. His awareness was being squeezed through a tube – he was being stretched like a cartoon character that would snap back to its original form when its rubbery body could take no more.”

  • Or his unconsciously “sciencey” ability to manipulate liquid metals to form into various devices, creating “vents’ (inventions) that he can power by crystal modules retrieved from ancient alien artifacts.

Without giving too much of the plot away (no spoilers here!), Josh’s journey, laid our here, to discover his roots and his ultimate purpose, is a tale that is guaranteed to stretch the limits of your imagination and have you cheering for this boy-hero throughout his exploits.

Ending on something of a cliff-hanger, don’t be surprised if this book, the first in the series, has you reaching immediately for the sequel.

A great big thank you to the author for an ARC of this book. All thoughts provided are my own.


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