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A beautifully crafted sci-fi look at a society writhing with power, and the technology to enslave, alter or coerce the behaviors, and even more chillingly, the identities of its own citizens. In a world where rewriting history is as easy as a surgical procedure, people’s views have become, largely, almost totally dependent on their position in an intricate caste system. This is a beautifully textured world – layered with an “Above” ground level, consisting of glass, metal and light-filled tunnels available for those that are considered worthy, versus the world which is “Below”, a flooded, devastated and damaged ground-level existence, mandated for those considered the servile or criminal classes.

Painted with an almost surreal touch, no detail is too small as the author builds a world not too far off the outer-edge of modern-day capabilities – and one that, despite its bleakness, is infinitely believable in its assessment of human nature and its leanings, particularly for those welding the power of life-altering technologies.

The pace is relentless as our hero and heroine struggle to survive, while also standing tall and making a difference, in a crumbling world where nothing is safe, and rebellion implies both individual danger, as well as risk of the same to all their loved ones.

A great read, darkly dystopian with a Hunger Games / Handmaiden’s Tale vibe, this is a sure-fire treat for fans of excellent sci fi, both YA or adult.

A great big thank you to the author, and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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