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“Like the rest of her life, it was beautiful on the outside and chaos on the inside”

Cressida Howard is a woman who appears to have it all. A beautiful (and smart) seventeen year old daughter, Emily-Jane, a rich and successful husband, Laurence, (an e-commerce kingpin) and her own rewarding career and practice as a speech therapist.

A house of cards, it all comes tumbling down, as Cressida, with the help of cyber-sleuth
Brioni O’Brien, finds that love, loyalty and passion – mere words to some, may represent life (or death) to others.

With two home-bases, alternating between an atmospheric beach house in the sand-dunes of Wexford, and a Dublin condominium, Brioni is a brilliant, pink-haired, somewhat softer Lisbeth Salander, – an interesting if somewhat enigmatic protagonist.

As Cressida and Brioni struggle to put together answers, the plot builds to layer secrets on top of secrets, with a pace that at times moved too slowly for me, and an ending that felt just a little bit contrived.

Overall a good and entertaining read, this book will likely please fans of psychological suspense, corporate espionage, and cyber crime.

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