Revenge, Secrets and Lies

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“Revenge. Secrets and Lies” is a chatty, engrossing story revolving initially around four pensioners, (two couples), living in a quiet British village. The author does a wonderful job introducing us into the everyday life and quaint charm of this community and these characters, who feel like people you may know or recognize, – friends, neighbors, or relatives enjoying their golden years in gentle all-encompassing friendship.

All of this is threatened when a new neighbor arrives, a nasty and spiteful creature whose aggressive and boorish behavior threatens the safety and sanctity of our core group.

When all their efforts to rectify the situation peacefully fail, our protagonists fall into a deep emotional chasm, powerless and angry, desperately worried for their future and uncertain now as to what it may hold.

“As senior citizens, they deserved a little respect and understanding but instead, they’d felt abandoned by the whole world.”

Without giving the major elements of their plot away, our seniors travel to a holiday location and make the acquaintance of a lovely young cottage owner, Pat, who also runs the local pub.

From this point on, Pat’s developing story and that of the pensioners become intertwined, along with a medley of other interesting and charming characters, creating an atmosphere that reads, in many ways, like a gossipy British mystery-drama, with cups of tea, and cake and simple welcoming charm, you find yourself wishing you belonged in such a world. ( Perhaps without some major elements of the mystery-drama…)

Readers who enjoy British tv or literature, particularly character-based stories set in scenic villages, with impressive castles and bracing ,windy coasts, will love this book.

The author has fun weaving an interesting plot which is supported by a wide assortment of lively characters – right up to the well-orchestrated ending (which I tried hard to predict, and did not manage to do so completely successfully).

A big thank you to the author, M A Macklin, for an advance review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts presented are my own.


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