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Right to Kill

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Right to Kill is an intense, intelligent, and totally absorbing British police procedural – one of the very best I’ve read in a long while.

From the first pages of this book we are dropped into a situation that quickly unleashes a horrifying and deeply chilling homicide, told from the POV of the murderer, and we, along with the detectives on the case, begin the crazy race to identify the killer before another crime can be committed. And the pace never lets up.

I was immediately taken with the character of Detective Sergeant Joe Romano, a touchingly real and perfectly crafted “regular-guy” cop (one who I am hoping we will see more of in future books by this author). Smart, committed and deeply honorable, Joe is also a kind and compassionate man, clearly out of place in the alpha-male cockiness typical of his police colleagues (both male and female).

We meet Joe, (and Joe meets this case) at a crossroads in his life – as someone who has recently dealt with humiliation, failure and loss, both professionally and personally, Joe is feeling out-of-kilter, floundering, adrift and disconnected from his habitual “boldness’, his ‘former instincts for a case”, and the sense that things would always get resolved.

With help from the rest of the CID team, including the wonderfully tough and take-charge DS Rita Scannon, Joe finds himself embroiled in a dangerous and disturbing chase with more suspects including organizations of right-wing extremists and vigilante crime fighters.

Along the way, author explores some interesting themes, including:

How do we maintain compassion when faced with those who commit terrible acts? Should we even try?

Is vigilante justice ever warranted? Should victims of crime who are themselves criminals be handled any differently? Is an individual-initiated killing ever “right” or acceptable, or even understandable?

I won’t tell you more details of the plot (no spoilers here!), but this book will keep you guessing right to the end, and rest assured, the ending is a doozie!

A big thank you to the publisher HQ, and the author, for the opportunity to join the #HQblogtour for #RightToKill


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