The Golden Couple

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Avery Chambers has lost her license to practice as a therapist, and that’s fine with her.

Operating now as a “consultant”, Avery’s clients receive her own brand of tough-love healing: an intensive ten-session extremely hands-on program, with Avery serving her clients by owning as many hats as she sees fit – including loosely-legal surveillance and investigative work; take-command quasi-parenting (with just a tinge of bullying); and oodles of psychological counseling.

You won’t meet another main protagonist quite like Avery, (whose first person POV provides the narrative backdrop to this suspenseful tale) and whose strong-armed tactics are balanced beautifully for us with brief and tantalizing glimpses into her uniquely moral code.

“When new clients come to me with a confession, it’s often camouflage for their actual issue, which exists below the surface of their conscious lives”.

In this case, the story is of a marriage that may be unraveling, a “golden couple”, with so many lies and secrets to reveal you will no doubt find yourself every bit as intrigued as Avery as this story unfolds.

Layers of camouflage and red-herrings abound as Avery works with Marissa and Matthew, a couple who seem to have it all, but as Avery is quick to point out, their revelations tend to lack emotive substance.

“That’s an instagram post – give me something real”.

I had great fun getting to the bottom of this tricky and complex tale, and thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Avery, her kamikaze “consulting” (and her heart-breakingly adorable adopted pup).

A great big thank you to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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