The House in the Clouds

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A softly graceful look at what could be called destiny, fate, or simply the lucky encounter of two troubled Londoners, looking for escape, a second chance, and the healing embrace of a gorgeous (if somewhat decrepit) country mansion in the magnificent Sussex Downs.

The first in a trilogy, this book introduces us to two main protagonists, taking us through their heart-felt journey to turn their lives around and begin again – introducing just the right amount of the intricacies of the unfolding plot, character development, and several remaining open-ended questions, to leave us curious and eager to begin the next edition.

Abigail Carey is an artist – a beautiful vanilla-blonde designer – who has turned her penchant for pattern creation into a wildly successful business venture. Her personal life, however, has faltered, leaving Abi exhausted and reeling from the demands of an unsustainable corporate schedule as well as a recent hidden and unhealed trauma.

Edward Townsend, our second main protagonist , is a neat and crisply-tidy financial advisor. An intensely private man, unable to leave his dysfunctional upbringing fully behind him, Edward is sort of sweet and sort of tragic, presenting a somewhat intriguing mystery to the normally ebullient and effervescent Abi.

As this unlikely pair, united by their primal love for a newly available country property in need of significant (and costly) care, meet and discover some interesting options, a partnership of sorts may or may not be the ticket to a deeper connection.

With its evocative and wistful setting, vulnerable and interesting characters, and a plot which this reader didn’t want to end, this book is a sunny-day read to be savored (with the added treat of two more in this series to look forward to).

A great big thank you @RachelsRandomResources, the author and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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