The Think Ups

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(Ages 3 to 7)

What happens when Anna and Kiki, two cherubic little girls, find themselves stuck inside on a rainy dreary day?

This lovely little picture book (with flaps to turn), beautifully illustrated with smudgy pastel drawings that are as sweetly endearing as the tone set by this story, is perfectly suited for curling up, on a lap, with a child and an afternoon to snuggle.

As Kiki and Anna learn to exercise their imaginations, a whole menagerie of friends join them – and it isn’t long before the girls find themselves galloping down a path to mayhem. Teeming with bunnies, koala, octopi, and a large antlered moose, (in a madcap scenario vaguely reminiscent of a kinder, gentler, “The Cat in the Hat”) children will delight in the situation the girls find themselves in, and find comfort as they slowly wind themselves back to normality (and ultimately, sunshine again and a chance to play outside.)

A thoroughly charming, dreamily nostalgic look at the power of the imagination, and the simple sweetness of childhood, where any day can be made suddenly magical – and all the more special when shared with friends (furry or otherwise).


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