The Wolf’s Story

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An absolutely delightful picture-book re-telling of the fairy tale, “Little Red Riding Hood”, from the perspective of the infamous Wolf, the much-maligned anti-hero who it may turn out, is not such a bad guy, after all.

This fractured fairy tale is funny, charming, gorgeously illustrated, and is sure to captivate even the youngest reader.

With just a hint of scariness, and a whole lot of attitude, this Wolf is quite the character.

A cook, maid, odd-jobs man (wolf) for Grandma, our Wolf-storyteller is quick to acknowledge that others, for some reason, find his presence intimidating. Including that annoying little girl in the red cape, who he cannot help but feel is favored, (perhaps unfairly?) by her doting grandmother.

As he goes about his daily tasks, trying to care for Grandma in the expected-caretaker-type ways, it comes to pass that one day, things go terribly wrong.

(For after all, he is a wolf, trying to get by in a human world, and from that perspective, our entire story now pivots.)

Without giving the plot away (no spoilers here), this tale will charm, entertain, mesmerize and gently enlighten any child – providing a glimpse into “another”, who may look alien or unfriendly from the outside – but may, perhaps, just be different. (Even really different, or scary).

For after all, there’s always another side to any story.

“Would I lie to you?”

A great big thank you to #Edelweiss, the author, and the publisher for an ARC of this enchanting book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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