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“Oddballs, each of them, unusual females employed in an industry that encouraged them to be neutral, even neutered, to not cultivate their feminine sides. The road had no room for babies, or for husbands, or for personal relationships.”

Meet Alex, Lily, Kat and Brooke. Four women, intimately drawn and intensely authentic; each struggling to carve out a rightfully earned footing within the misogynistic, claustrophobic, male-dominated world populated by the production crew and attendants supporting the large-scale concert tours of a megawatt pop-star.

Alex – thirty six years old, head electrician; now running on empty from her decades-long charade of physical strength and emotional restraint, both at work and in her personal life.

Lily – a yoga-loving, delicate and compassionate child-of-the-universe; personal assistant to a pop star whose calculated cruelty seems destined to unearth trauma.

Kat – tough and practical, Kat is an uber-capable guitar tech whose externally-presented solid, unencumbered and rational world – feels almost completely a sham.

Brooke – the least defined of the female protagonists – a wannabe star on her own felt merits; a Production Assistant who has learned to face the world squarely on its’ own testosterone-fueled terms; always in her own best interest.

Lovingly layered by the author, who deftly unfurls these characters to reveal hearts as real to us as if they were our sisters, we come to appreciate the wounds and yearnings that are playing out, silently shaping each woman’s path.

As secrets unfold, traumas are shared, and inevitably, insights are gained, – it’s clear that the journey for each, glimpsed only briefly though the pages of this book, may be, in many ways, just beginning.

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A great big thank you to the author, and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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