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A stunningly-candid, painfully-beautiful memoir of one incredibly successful woman’s journey, a microcosm of joy and trauma, peeled back in the spirit of illuminating, exposing, and ultimately revealing hidden truths that just may resonate as some of the kindest and most caring hard-earned learnings “women like us” need to hear, and more importantly, share with each other.

We are good enough.

Regardless of what is increasingly experienced on social media – intrinsic value (popularity, self-worth, acceptance, – really anything that matters ) does not hinge on beauty, youth, or the size of your thighs.

We have the tools already, if we look for them, for a healthier relationship with our bodies, our mindset, our experiences, – and most of all, a deeper love and appreciation for our core and most tender selves.

In this starkly-authentic expose, Amanda Prowse, (an author who was charmed the world with dozens of best-selling books, a world-wide presence, and a devotedly grateful readership) surrounded by her loving family and all the physical trappings of success, opens her heart to the reader, shedding light on battles beginning early in childhood and climaxing in middle age, triggering painful emotional crises with self-esteem, a toxic relationship with food, and a life held needlessly on a wretched and self-imposed leash.

“In order to know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve come from. “

As Amanda traces her roots, right down to the the important and the impactful, (and Mandy really has seen it all – from horrific medical trauma, to achingly-tragic missed births, cancer, sexual assault, battles with alcohol, misogyny, grief, and familial mental illness) – she opens the coffers wide – her story made clearer, both to the reader, and in aid of her own deeper awakening.

I loved this book, – loved the courage, the story, the candor and the grace, most of all – in the heart-laid-bare acknowledgement that all of us women, suffer, some more than others, with our own self-internalized value, body-image, and “femininity”, in a society that, while making some progress, continues to marginalize the softer, the “weaker”, and most of all, the vulnerable.

A wonderful heart-tugging read, this book and it’s touching and ultimately deeply-inspiring message, will change you, as it did this reader – taking us perhaps one step closer to a world where each of us can look ourselves in the eyes with the same warm and unconditional love we often have no trouble sharing with others.

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A great big thank you to the author and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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