100 Plants to Feed the Birds

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This absolutely beautiful book would be as at home on display on a coffee table as it would be bedside reading – as long as it is easily accessible when planning your next bird-friendly garden.

Packed with full color photos of plants and birds that are vibrant and spectacular, augmented by maps showing the native ranges for the recommended plants, as well as a plant classification by graphical icon key, this book is as visually stunning as it is informative.

Organized comprehensively by category to include evergreens, deciduous trees, plants, shrubs, vines and grasses that provide natural feeding grounds, shelter, nesting or shaded habitat for specific bird species, the resulting book is a bird-loving gardener’s dream.

Details on plant growing requirements, characteristics as well as recommended species within each category will be invaluable in helping to decide on suitable plants to introduce to welcome more birds into the garden, as well as the insects, butterflies, seeds, and other nesting materials they depend on. Specific references to endangered bird species and suggestions to aid in their protection were welcomed by this reader, as well as warnings regarding plants on the invasive list. All served to better enable eco-friendly decisions that will hopefully welcome and maximize comfort for as many feathered friends as one (much loved) garden can support.

I’ve already pre-ordered to share with gardeners I know of who will love this book as much as I do. The hardest part will now be waiting for the May 2022 publication release date!


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