A Boring Wife Settles the Score

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The sequel to the hilarious “Autopsy of a Boring Wife” (a book this reader adored) this edition follows the further adventures of Diane, a middle-aged housewife, deserted by her cheating husband in the first book, and now, two years later, working to regain some of her footing in her life as a single working woman, struggling parent of adult children, and newbie back on the dating scene.

Living in a duplex with her best friend Claudine, the two woman are raucous, vulnerable and wonderfully real. Dating and connecting in middle-age, (despite their attempts to the contrary) is no party. Buffeted by her beloved comfort bowls of cassoulet (aided by a beverage or two), as Diane stumbles with her now-rusty flirting, wards off the awkward advances of her hurting ex-husband, and attempts to focus her search for a new love on the handsome contractor, Guy, her warmth, compassion and care for the people in her life, buried somewhat under a brittle shell and a whole lot of insecurity, cannot help but captivate the reader.

Warm and witty, this is a put-your-feet-up-and-enjoy kind of read. I listened to the audio book and found both the translation and the narration perfectly suited to a joyful listening experience. With a few hearty laughs (and many delighted smiles) thrown in, tempered with lots of angst and a truckload of camaraderie, this book reads as an authentic and touching rendition of middle-age, parenting, troubled children, aging parents, and of course, the eternal (and hopeful) search for human connection.

A great big thank you to NetGalley and the author for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.

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