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What do you get when you take two articulate and learned sociologists, an astoundingly-clever cartoonist, and a desire to spread knowledge, awareness and a ray of hope concerning an eternally-challenging social structure – one that, in and of itself, perhaps more than any other construct, may be responsible for everything from the gross levels of victimization perpetuated by slavery and colonialism, to society’s rampant and insidious marginalization of others based on race, economic or social standing, sex, gender, and/or disabilities.

“Class – A Graphic Guide” is a beautifully illustrated, broadly sweeping look at what has been defined as “Class”, an idea or concept we humans made up, and now use somewhat-unconsciously-and-completely-unreservedly, to classify other humans, – arbitrarily finding some of them wanting, and thus deserving of some level of enforced inequality in our expectations, care or treatment (mis-treatment).

Rich in detail, the scope of this book expands to cover: what “Class” is and how it materializes; the important contributors (Sociologists, Philosophers, Psychologists) to thinking about Class divides and its impact; the historical context governing the birth and continuance of class structures (including eugenics and the horrors of genocide it can lay claim to) ; Capitalism, Neoliberalism and the contribution of both politics and media to the perpetuation of class divisions; Land and Housing impacts, from “enclosures” (the seizing of formerly common lands and associated resources) to privatization, migrancy, vagrancy and homelessness; and finally, the contributions of both Culture, and Education to what are perceived as “Class” divisions.

A complex and intricate web of contributing, co-existing and resulting factors, all of which are unpacked in this volume with clarity and precision, in a format that is as fun to read as it is informative.

Lushly comprehensive, this book is a beautifully-packaged treatise on an important (and fascinating) subject, – one that will appeal to students, activists, thinkers, and quite literally, anyone with an interest in, and desire to, understand what it would take to inspire successful social change in a world riddled with the effects of a virulent and long-imagined evil.

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A great big thank you to the authors, and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.

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