Know Your Body: Workbook

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The companion to the the”Know Your Body” text, this workbook is a wonderful study aid, providing multiple choice tests, crossword puzzles, words searches and other exercises to reinforce, test, and supplement readings on human anatomy and physiology.

Questions and content are organized clearly and answers are provided to all questions in a separate section at the back of the workbook.

The coverage of areas provided is very complete, with quizzes based on specific body systems and topics, followed by mixed multiple choice tests, which span multiple areas and provide more comprehensive testing.

Quizzes are also provided on specific disorders, organized by body system, with formats including multiple choice, crosswords, and fill in the blank questions.

An invaluable learning aid, the completeness and multiple views provided by this workbook into the material covered make this aid a stand-out addition to any health students library.

Thank you to the author for an advance review copy of this workbook. The thoughts presented are my own.


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