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My stop today on the #RRbooktours #blogtour for the thriller #Safekeeping by #evamackenzie

How far will we go to protect our secrets, and the ones we love?

Are the choices we make for love ever really justifiable?

In this book we meet Sonia, Jamie and Jenna, each of them sharing with us a dark and somewhat desperate POV as they struggle with doing the right thing – in a world where distinguishing “right” from “wrong” is hopelessly complicated. It slowly becomes clear that each of the female narrators, and Sonia in particular, may or may not be reliable.

Sonia, – a convicted murderer currently serving time at the Flint Hill State Corrections Facility is clearly holding back important details necessary for us to understand her strange and self-destructive behavior.

Jenna, – young and fragile and on the run with a small child, provides us with only the briefest of glimpses into her dark and heartbreaking past.

Jamie, – dealing with her own trauma, (the details of which were introduced in the author’s previous work, which I have not read yet) comes to us initially as perhaps the most conventionally relatable of the main protagonists, in her role as a professional polygraph expert, part of the legal team working with Sonia, and an observer with growing concern for the events she is becoming part of. It quickly becomes clear that Jamie has her own secrets too.

The plot crackles with tension, as the author plays with repeatedly dangling loose ends and hints that build and build yet the puzzle remains impenetrable. Right up to the very end – as the story’s final resolution, satisfying in part only, does not completely eliminate all the outstanding questions, leaving me to assume there will be a follow-on to this story coming.

I enjoyed this story, and found the themes explored darkly fascinating.

A big thank you to the author, and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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