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“And that’s the beauty, isn’t it? You just never know how it ends.”

A gloriously uplifting fairy-tale of sorts, helping us consider the wonder of, not “happily ever after”, but its infinitely richer cousin – the power and promise of the ethereally beautiful “hopefully ever after” – a path in the direction of endless possibilities, experiences, and moments of a life lived freely and sentiently.

Nora Seed, the main protagonist in this journey, is a sad woman. Anguished, burnt-out, and despairing, it’s clear that Nora has reached the end of her ability to cope with a life so peppered with failure and regrets, she cannot see past them to another day.

Or so it appears.

For it is only when Nora, lost and broken, stumbles into a magical and mysterious “Midnight Library”, a place where lives and losses are not forever, that her story, as laid out here in this gorgeously allegorical adventure, truly begins.

As Nora (and the reader) is deftly, gently and with life-altering finesse introduced to the vastness that is her life, it gradually becomes clear that “it’s not what you look at that matters, but what you see”, and we are all seeing, it now seems, “possibility as the basis of everything”.

An absolute delight, this is a book to read once, and then again, knowing its splendor is waiting, to be re-experienced, whenever we care to go there.

A gorgeous choice for my local book club, this story sparked debate and several oh so interesting discussions.


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  1. Vicki McCuaig

    I loved this book and I loved how perfectly you captured its essence: the glorious beauty of hope. Another of your many wonderfully insightful reviews!

    1. Terri

      Thank you so much!❤️ It was such a lovely read and I’m glad you felt it too!😍

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